Projects within the Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District and projects for LAC Utilities.


The Board of Directors for VLACD has chosen these projects for 2016:

1) The chimney spraying of sanitary sewer manholes to reduce the infiltration of surface water into the sanitary sewers. Money budgeted: $20,000. PROJECT COMPLETED.

2) The replacement of the Island Road Lift Station controls and pumps. Bid came in at $48,928. PROJECT COMPLETED.

3) The remodeling of the office at 1805 Burlington Beach Road. Bid came in at $264,350. WORK IN PROGRESS.

4) The building of a new storage structure. Bid came in at $94,100. PROJECT COMPLETED.

5) The installation of a forced sewer main on 70 E. ANNEXATION IN PROGRESS; CONSTRUCTION PLANS BEING DESIGNED.

6) The installation of a short storm sewer on Flamingo Road. Approximate cost of materials: $2,700. Labor by LAC Utilities. PROJECT ON TEMPORARY HOLD.

7) The installation of a loop in the water system from Walden Subdivision to Claussen Lane. Very early estimate from engineers: $151,000. EASEMENTS ARE UNDER CONSIDERATION.





Customer Service Information

Our office is located at 1805 Burlington Beach Road just west of Calumet Avenue on the north side of Burlington Beach Road (next door to the Family Express Station). CLICK HERE to view a location map.

Phone: (219) 464-3770
Emergency/Pager: (219) 548-6254
Open: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Consumer Confidence Report
We are required by law to make our yearly Consumer Confidence Report available to the public. CLICK HERE to view / print down the report.

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