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Stormwater Master Plan Update

Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District

Stormwater Master Planning Open House

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 6:30pm

BF&S hosted at VLACD an open house for the Stormwater Master Plan. March 22nd was the second opportunity residents had to attend a stormwater open house, the first being held on November 17th. Residents were encouraged to attend and share concerns. Forty-two residents from VLACD attended the meeting. Attendees were presented with the steps of the Master Plan. Attendees were then asked to speak to the stormwater issues that they are personally experiencing. All concerns were documented by BF&S as well as a push pin map provided for residents to "pin point" the areas of concern. A detailed questionnaire was also available for residents to complete. Some issues noted were on Island Rd, the culvert on Calumet Ave, Redwing Rd, Briar Rd, Ostedt Dr, and the overall condition of Flint Lake. BF&S explained that the purpose of the open house was to gather as many resident stormwater concerns as possible. BF&S will then use the information to present VLACD with a project determination matrix. The matrix will assist VLACD in determining stormwater projects that can be completed and a structure for prioritizing projects. The master planning is projected to be completed in May 2023.