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LAC Utilities Operation Changes


At LAC Utilities, our highest priorities are the safety and health of our customers and staff members. To address the recent COVID-19 concerns we will be accepting payments via drop box from this point starting Monday March 16, 2020 and continually revaluating as the situation persists. As COVID-19 continues to impact the global community we wish to take every precaution available.


Our offices will remain open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30pm with the front door remaining closed. We will have envelopes available outside of the drop box for payment deposits. Please write your name and address on the outside of the envelope when making a deposit into the drop box. If making a cash payment and you wish to receive change back from your payment, please ring the intercom and someone at the front desk will assist you. If you would like a receipt back after your payment, please ring the intercom to let our office know and we will return a receipt through the drop box slot.


This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and things are changing daily. Meanwhile, we are committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring our customers continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption. Please call our office at 219-464-3770 with questions or concerns.